Monday, February 14, 2011

Vote for the Princess!

I entered my baby in a contest to win a new all-custom hand made cloth diaper from Doodle Dypes.  Please click the link below and "like" Elena's picture to vote for us.  While cloth diapering is great for a frugal family, these custom made diapers are not!  They are a luxury, and diapers like the one Elena is wearing in this picture run around $25-$30 each.  We splurge for super-cute diapers every once in awhile, but winning a free one is even better!  Even with a diaper stash of all handmade custom diapers it will still be much cheaper than buying disposables for 2 years!

Doodle Dypes is the only place that we buy custom diapers for Elena.  She has great customer service, super cute prints to choose from, and they work wonderfully!  Many of the "boutique" diapers are cute as a button, but leak everywhere.  Doodle Dypes has the best of both worlds! 

Click Here and and "Like" My Picture to Vote!

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