Sunday, January 30, 2011

Road Trippin' It with the Crew

This weekend was filled with a road trip to Grandma's house.  Since hubby was working I was on my own.  Well, on my own adult-wise.  In the car was my 7 year old, 5 year old, and 3 year old sons, 1 year old daughter and the dog that we're puppy-sitting for awhile.  We weren't able to leave until my oldest got home from school at 4:00 PM, so we figured we'd shave some time off the trip and eat in the car, so that we'd get to Grandma's at a decent time.  Boy was that a mistake. 

I treated the kids to McDonalds where each of the boys ordered a happy meal with milk shake- a special treat for them!  Imagine my horror when I hear from the backseat "Mom, I'm gonna throw up!".  My 5 year old was sick, and I was driving 70 mph down the Interstate with no exit in site.  "Use the happy meal bag!" I yell.  And boy, did he use it.  We're lucky that sucker didn't bust open.  My guess is that the combination of the greasy food with the milk shake and moving car did him in.

I stopped at the next exit at a semi-scary gas station and drag all 4 kids into the ladies room to get everybody cleaned up, tend to the ill one, and make everybody go potty.  After about 20 minutes in the restroom we finally go to get back in the car and my daughter's happy meal (first ever!) was gone.  The dog had eaten it.  I cursed the dog under my breath, gave the hungry girl a graham cracker, buckled everyone in and hit the road again. 

Fast forward about an hour, again traveling down the Interestate at 70 mph when I hear a horrible sound.  The dog is in the passenger side seat, right next to me barfing up an entire happy meal.  Great.  Another stop, another clean up, and a now very grumpy mommy. 

We eventually did make it, after adding over an hour to our regular trip time and using up every bit of patience in my being.  We've made this trip about once a month for several years now.  You'd think that by now, it'd be no big deal.  But no, everything is a big deal when you have four kids!  :)

Hope everyone had a better weekend than I did!  I got home to be greeted by over 800 posts in my google reader to scan over.  Maybe I'll find some good deals to post for you tomorrow while we're preparing for the big snow storm!

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